Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire can ravage a home or business in seconds threatening lives and a person’s sense of security. Our emergency team responds immediately to the structure and evaluates the extent of damage.

  • Safety
  • Architectural design
  • Cleaning services
  • Odor control
  • Construction services
  • Packing and cleaning contents

What to Do Following a Fire

If you fall victim to a fire at your home or business, you need to make two phone calls following contact with 911. After you ensure your safety of your building’s occupants by evacuating the premises and leaving the fire extinguishing efforts to the fire department, you now need to contact your insurance provider. Most insurance companies demand property owners report any losses and damages as soon as reasonably possible. By alerting your provider early, you protect yourself throughout the claims process. Your next call should be to a trusted fire damage restoration company, like Century West. We have fire damage cleanup experts stationed throughout the country who are ready to assist at around the clock. Within four hours of your call, we will be onsite to begin assessing all damages and to prepare an estimate of our comprehensive restoration plan. Following your approval of our services, our team will begin cleaning and restoration efforts promptly.

What Not to Do Following a Fire at Your Home or Office

While you may want to begin cleaning and restoring normalcy to your place as soon as the last flame is extinguished, certain efforts may be counterproductive to fire damage restoration. It may still be unsafe to enter your home or office immediately following a fire, and lingering smoke can cause significant health problems if you are not careful. Avoid the following actions immediately after a fire:

  • Wiping or washing surfaces – Leave this to the restoration professionals. Though you may want to clean walls, floors, and counters, touching these areas without the proper gear can be harmful. Additionally, smouldering ashes can spread and make fire cleanup efforts more difficult.
  • Eating foods exposed to fire and smoke – Any consumables, including canned goods and beverages, remaining after fire damage should be discarded.
  • Using appliances – Televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more should be professionally inspected after being exposed to fire, heat, or water.
  • Cleaning your clothes – DKI can assist with specialized cleaning efforts for your clothes. Conventional methods may cause stains and odors to set.

How Century West Restoration Services Can Help You

Fire restoration services are complex, but the folks here at Century West have the training and experience to handle any size project. Following a fire, there are several factors we must consider. Each fire event is different, but our goal is to minimize any further damage to your building or belongings. The quicker we can document the damage, the quicker we can begin returning your home or office to a safe, comfortable space. Our comprehensive fire restoration services include:

  • Smoke Removal
  • Odor Removal
  • Deodorizing
  • Structural Cleaning and Repair
  • Contents Restoration
  • Water Damage Remediation

Century West is a DKI a certified fire damage restoration company that uses cutting-edge processes and equipment to ensure a complete, systematic approach to fire cleanup. As we restore your home or office, our team documents the entire fire and smoke damage restoration process to provide full transparency to our customers and their insurance providers.