The benefits of building near a school

Building your own home is empowering – you have input and control over what you build, so you can make your dream house a reality. But not only do you have a say in what you build, but where. Where you build can offer a variety of different advantages, depending on the location you choose. At Century West we have a great selection of lots in Harbour Landing and The Greens on Gardiner that are close to schools, bus routes and other amenities. For a family, building near a school has definite benefits for you, your kids and your pocketbook.

Being within walking distance from your school offers a great lifestyle for your kids. The feeling of independence a child feels being able to walk to and from school from an early age is immeasurable – it teaches them how to budget their time and helps instill confidence and self-reliance that will better prepare them to thrive in any environment. The convenience also gives your children more freedom, before and after school. No rushed mornings racing for the bus means less daily stress for you and your kids.

For parents, the convenience means not having to organize time-consuming and often costly transportation to school for you kids. Think of the gas money you’ll save, not to mention the time spent dropping off and picking up your kids from school every day. There are also yearly school bus fees if the kids take the bus. Once the kids are old enough to come home for lunch on their own you’ll also save money on food and time preparing lunches every evening. And if you happen to be at home, or have a job that allows you to be home before school or during lunch, you get more quality time with your kids. In a world where we are so busy that families rarely eat together, that extra meal together every day is invaluable. And what kid doesn’t like a hot, home-cooked lunch on a cold, winter day?

Another advantage to living near a school is the close proximity to parks and playgrounds that surround schools. This is a benefit for the whole family. For the kids, having a park within walking distance is like having a playground in your backyard, without the space it takes it takes up or the cost and maintenance it requires. For the family it’s a great place to play together, walk the dog and get exercise. It can result in a healthier lifestyle for everyone (not to mention easier bedtimes).

If you’re considering building a new house for you and your family, consider building close to a school. It’s a great opportunity to build a fun, healthy lifestyle for you and your kids, and enjoy the best the community has to offer. We currently have a lot of great lots available – call our New Homes Manager Derek McDonald at 306-522-1062 to discover the options available to you.