Space Saving Ideas for a Small Bathroom

You Know What They Say: Small Bathroom…Big Ideas!

You love your house. But the bathroom is a whole different story! It’s small and cramped and hardly anything fits in it. Well wait no more! Here are 5 space saving renovation ideas that will transform your confined bathroom into a beautiful room you won’t want to leave!

  1. Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Add some mirrored medicine cabinets to your bathroom to magically extend the length of the vanity and offer some additional storage.

medicine cabinet


  1. Add Mirrors to the Wall

Add mirrors to a wall to visually expand the size of the bathroom.



  1. Install a smaller tub

Install a smaller sized tub. Many manufacturers make tubs in sizes smaller than 60” these days. Great for smaller apartments and condos!


  1. Glass Panel

Install a glass panel to block the shower spray. It takes up a lot less visual space than a curtain and rod.


  1. Add shelves

Custom fitted shelves provide a lot more storage in little space.


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