Quality for Life

When you build with Century West Homes, you know that your home is built for a lifetime.

We are a company committed to creating exceptional designs at the highest quality on the market. We’ve been building and renovating homes and commercial spaces for over 20 years in Saskatchewan.

Each of our three divisions Homes, Renovations and Commercial follow the highest level of standards in terms of foundation, structural and design engineering – making this our competitive advantage.

With our strong engineering focus, our homes and offices are sure to stand the test of time. We work hard right from the beginning to ensure every step is taken to make your project come to life with quality, knowledge and inspired vision.

That is our commitment to you.

Century West Homes has built homes for hundreds of families in the Regina area. As we continue to build and grow, we believe in providing quality by transforming the way homes are built.

We pride ourselves in knowing the quality of our finishes is what sets us apart – right from the design and planning stage straight through to warranty service follow up.

Century West not only builds dream homes but lasting relationships with the new members of our “family” every day.

Our measure success is knowing that we provide Saskatchewan families the opportunity to build quality homes that stand the test of time. Call us today to find out how we can make your dream home a reality 306-522-1062.