Making the countertop decision easier!

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So you have decided to build your dream home…let the choices begin! One of the biggest decisions made in a home (once the floor plan is finalized) are the countertops throughout the kitchen and the rest of the home. With more and more options out there, it can be confusing and stressful to pick such a large feature of your home.

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Luckily, we found an article by HGTV that lists their favourite countertop materials and a bit of information about each one!

Here is a quick summary of the article (composing mostly of pretty pictures) and the various types of countertops and the benefits/downfalls of each – the choice is yours!:

1. QUARTZ ~> Maintenance free and stain/scratch resistant, Quartz does not need to be sealed and is available in a variety of colours and patters – beautiful, sleek choice!

2. GRANITE~> With a ‘high end’ look, this natural material creates a one of a kind product. While this makes matching slabs difficult at times, is variation is what sets it apart. Granite can stain easy so sealing yearly is recommended

3. LAMINATE ~> This budget friendly option can have a ‘retro’ feel and comes in a variety of patterns that mimic and resemble other countertop styles

4. WOOD ~> Also known as ‘butcher block’, they are ideal for food lovers (easy food prep), and are highly resistant to heat. Wood tops mix well with other countertops for a more modern design too

5. MARBLE ~> A high end and aesthetically pleasing choice. This porous material can lead to staining, requiring maintenance similar to granite but is a beauty of a look and feel for any kitchen

6. HONED GRANITE ~> This soft, matte finished granite is resistant to scratching, chipping and heat and has a very modern look

7. STAINLESS STEEL ~> Modern and industrial, stainless is the easiest to clean and known as the most hygienic as it has the ability to inhibit bacterial buildup

8. GLASS ~> A streamlined ‘shiny’ look and available in any color or shape (huge benefit). Easy to clean too

9. RECYCLED ~> This eco-friendly option may be a less well-known but is made of sustainable materials (concrete, glass, paper, composite and plastic), wide range of color and textures

10. CONCRETE ~> These are highly customizable and come in a variety of stain colours and texture, energy efficient too

11. SOAPSTONE ~> While stain and bacteria resistant, this non-porous natural stone comes grey in color and does not require yearly staining

12. TRAVERTINE ~> This high maintenance material is aesthetically pleasing but any imperfections must be filled and sealed

13. TILE ~> Inexpensive and easy to maintain, one can mix and match colors and patterns, a do-it-yourself project if you are up for it!



Check out the article for some great photos to help you visualize your dream home!