Living Large

Consider these tips and tricks when decorating large spaces!

You often see articles and blogs posts focused on making the most of small spaces, but decorating for large spaces can be equally as challenging, especially in your home. You want your larger living spaces to feel warm, welcoming and comfortable, without feeling crowded or cluttered. Here are a few things you can do to make your large spaces feel like home.

Scale up with less 

If you have big rooms with high ceilings you may be tempted to fill them, but think about doing less with larger pieces that match the scale of the room. Swap out smaller greenery for taller potted plants or trees; consider oversized pieces like armchairs, ottomans or coffee tables; and look to add large pieces of artwork on walls. The key is to find pieces that both fit and fill the room, without overcrowding the space. These larger pieces will also add a dramatic flair to the room. That being said, there is still a place for smaller pieces and knickknacks that add flavour and personality to your space – but look to place them within larger anchors of the room, such as built-in shelves or bookcases.

Define open spaces

Big, open spaces can be broken into smaller ones using furniture and other pieces. For example, a sectional sofa is a great way to define a perimeter around a living room or den area, and two armchairs and a coffee table can define a conversation area around a fireplace or bay window. Area rugs can give strong visual cues of separate spaces. Console tables behind couches or open shelving in the middle of a large space can also create the feeling of smaller ‘rooms’. In large living rooms with high ceilings, things like ceiling beams or pillars can also break up and define certain spaces. Breaking larger rooms into smaller areas can give the space a warmer, welcoming, ‘homey’ feel.

Use colour

Separating a larger space into complimentary colour zones can define smaller spaces, while still having a cohesive visual feel across the room. Wallpaper, paint textiles, pillows and curtains are a great to achieve this, and can be switched up over the years with relative ease. Smaller decorative accent pieces can bridge spaces with complimentary colours as well. Consider accent walls or two-tone paint on the walls to break up large walls with high ceilings.

There are many ways to make a large space feel warm and cozy without the clutter. Our team at Century West can work with you to add those dramatic built-in pieces that anchor a space during construction, as well as suggest design elements to help you create definition after your house is built. Contact us today and let our team experts help you make your large spaces feel like home.