How To Organize your Garage Like A Pro

If you’re like most people, the garage becomes the one place in the home to store unused and unwanted items like luggage, sports equipment, and camping gear. It’s seldom used for its main purpose, to store your vehicle.

Here are some useful tips to organize the garage so you can use it again:

  1. Wall Shelves: Add handy wall shelves to create a great place to stack boxes and items that you use frequently.
  2. Install a bike rack: Keep your sports equipment and children’s bikes away from the car and in an ideal place so your kids can access them better.
  3. Add heavy-duty shelving units: Use these for heavier, bulkier items and stack plastic containers on top of each other to better organize your stuff.
  4. Hang Ceiling Racks: For items that are not used everyday, this is a handy place to store items
  5. Dump Items that are old and broken: For a pack rat, this may be the most difficult but is the best way to help organize and clean out the garage once and for all. Dump anything that has been unused for over a year especially items that are broken.

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