A damaged property is an unfortunate surprise in itself, so we do everything we can to eliminate surprises in our work. Our detailed computerized estimates let you know exactly what the job entails, why it’s being done and how much it will cost. Our years of experience allow us to understand the materials, time and people needed to get your job done quickly and done right.

However, sometimes the nature of a project does not allow for a complete estimate at the beginning. The nature of the work can reveal surprises that only show itself once the work starts. We do everything we can to lessen the impact of these surprises, and our commitment to open and honest communication throughout the project cycle ensures you know exactly what’s happening and why. Our billing is itemized and easy to understand, so you know where every dollar is going, whether it’s for materials or labour. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work from start to finish because our success relies on your satisfaction.

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