Warranty Services

At Century West Homes we are committed to providing the home owner with a new home of outstanding workmanship, quality, and value as well as a program to provide on-going warranty service. We are a member of the New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan and exceed their minimum follow-up requirements. To do this and provide our new Home Owners with the most complete product we have implemented one of the industries most aggressive and proactive service programs. The program is as follows:


A week or two before the turn-over of the house we meet with the Home Owners to assemble a list on work items that are not complete as well as identify any deficiencies at that time.


On the day of possession, the house is thoroughly inspected again by the Home Owners and a representative from Century West Homes to review the list created at the last walk-through and identify any other outstanding deficiency items that have come up. Any remaining items identified at this time are completed in a timely fashion.


Follow-up is made to the Home Owners at 30 days after occupancy to see how you are settling into your new home and address any additional concerns.


We complete another follow-up call at 90 days to check on the status of any outstanding items and see if you have any other concerns that may need to be addressed immediately.


After 1 year from the date of possession a final walk-through is completed with the Home Owners to identify any workmanship or material defects that may be encountered.

In addition to the above scheduled services some of our key sub-trades have 24 hour emergency response numbers that can be called in such an event. Otherwise you can reach us anytime by calling our office or by going to our website and use our Customer log-in service. This service will allow you to email any issues you may have using our pre-formatted Service Request Form.