Building Your Eco-Friendly Dream Home

There’s a lot to consider when building your home from scratch – everything from the foundation, to the layout, to the small design touches that make a house your home. And when you’re thinking about your home, don’t forget to think about everyone’s home – eco-friendly home building will help save the planet and your pocketbook. These days, there’s no better time to talk about the things to consider when building an earth-friendly home.

Think eco from the get go

While you can add eco-friendly touches to an existing build, if you’re starting from scratch it’s best to look at integrating features into your home from the get go. Our build team will work with you to take a whole-house approach to building an earth-friendly home. Everything from how the house is framed, to the materials used on the roof and siding, to how rain water is collected and used, to windows, water and appliances can be developed with energy and environmental savings in mind. The placement and positioning of your house can even be considered to make the most of the sun, wind and regional climate conditions. We can help guide you through this process from start to finish.

Temperature check

We’re fortunate to live in one of the sunniest places on earth. Unfortunately, we also live in a place where we can have up to seven months of frigid temperatures. However, with a little planning and consideration you can make the most of our sunny days to heat your home and reduce your power and energy consumption during the coldest months. As mentioned earlier, consider the position and placement of your house and windows before you build. You can make the most of the sun to let the sun’s rays warm your home. Consider the colour and material you use on your roof and siding – darker colours absorb heat, which is great in the winter, while lighter colours and reflective materials absorb less heat, which can save you from having to use your air conditioner as much during the summer months. When it comes to heating and cooling your home, new smart thermostats allow you to automatically control your house’s temperature from anywhere so you don’t heat or cool your house when no one is there. Smart thermostats also learn your habits and will adjust temperatures accordingly. This saves energy, which saves you money. Rooftop solar panels can also help you harness the sun’s energy and save on your energy bills. Solar panel technology is always advancing – Elton Musk introduced solar panel roof tiles recently that will be market ready in a few years. Look for this and more game-changing advances in the coming years, and as they become more accessible they will also become more affordable.

Taking care of the earth is everyone’s responsibility and we should all consider how our actions impact the planet. This includes how we build our homes. Fortunately advances in eco-friendly tech and design allows you to think about the planet while not sacrificing any design or aesthetic wants. And, building your house with the earth in mind will not only save the planet, it will save you money in the long run. Talk to one of our team members today about the eco-friendly options available for your dream home.