Beat The Dreaded Mosquito

Is there anything better than a Saskatchewan summer? After months of snow and wind chill factors, we all want to enjoy our backyards with our friends and families with the fire pit blazing, the BBQ sizzling and a cold drink in hand. But nothing kills a summer buzz more than a swarm of mosquitos crashing the party. These annoying and unwanted guests will have you swatting and scratching, and can carry the nasty West Nile Virus. But that doesn’t mean you need to hide in your home until the first frost. By doing a few simple things you can take your yard, and your summer, back.

Get rid of the water

Standing water is a mosquito breeding paradise and they don’t need a huge body of water – something as small as an upturned Frisbee with a small puddle of rain water can produce a sizable swarm. So be sure you keep your yard dry. Dump any containers that accumulate water; check your gutters to make sure the rain water is flowing freely; make sure any canoes or kayaks are flipped over; basically make sure any standing water is taken care of. And be vigilant – go out after every rainfall and take care of the regular offenders.

Cut back

Overgrown grass, trees, flowers and bushes provide a cool place for mosquitos to hide from the hot sun. Combat this by keeping your yard well-manicured. A little trimming will take away the mosquito’s hiding places and help keep numbers down.

Cover up

No matter how vigilant you are with dumping standing water and keeping your yard well-maintained, the mosquitos are still going to come. So wear light clothing that covers as much skin as possible – avoid dark-coloured clothes, as they are believed to attract the skeeters. And don’t forget to use a high DEET mosquito repellant spray to keep the bloodsuckers at bay.

Bring the birds

Birds like Purple Martins love to eat mosquitos. Look into placing a bird house in your yard and invite them to the bug buffet.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is (or it’s dangerous)

Inventing something that keeps mosquitos away would make you very rich. That’s why you see a variety of contraptions in the marketplace that promise to keep your yard or body mosquito free. But most of them are ineffective. Bug zappers don’t work. Foggers fill your yard with chemicals. Do your research before you shell out a chunk of money for the latest and greatest game-changing mosquito masher.

You’re never going to get rid of every bloodsucker, but with these tips you can minimize the mosquitos and enjoy your backyard oasis all summer long.