A Custom Home Is A Connected Home

When it comes to making the most of technology, audio and video in your home, you can’t beat starting from scratch. A custom home allows you to think tech first when you build, creating spaces that make the most of today’s technology, and are able to grow with tomorrow’s innovations, without the headaches of retrofitting. Let’s look at some of the tech benefits of building, as well as some cool gadgets for your home.

Plug in where you want

Today’s tech can quickly take up all of the plugins in an older home. But when you build you can make sure you have all the juice you need for today and tomorrow. Our team can make sure you have plugins where you need them, making extension cords a thing of the past. From multiple plugins with USB ports in high-traffic charging spots, to outlets in soffits that make hanging holiday lights a breeze, we can help you put the power in your hands (or within arm’s reach at least). You can also look for power-friendly furniture – everything from couches, to chairs to side tables and more are now equipped with discreet outlets so you can charge your phone or laptop while you relax. And if you want to get cutting edge install wi-fi enabled smart plugs that you can control from anywhere on your phone – turn on your lights, coffee machine or heater on your way home, and monitor the power consumption of anything you plug into it.

All of the wow, none of the wires

Nothing beats the stunning picture and sound of today’s home theatre systems. But it can be a challenge to get all of the pieces of equipment connected seamlessly and in a way that doesn’t leave you drowning in wires. AV experts can help you install audio and video systems throughout your house that give you the best sights and sounds, with speakers, wires and cables tactfully tucked out of sight. You can also purchase whole-house, multi-room audio systems that allow you to choose what plays where with a remote or smartphone app, so you can be listening to the big game in the den while your kids pump their playlists downstairs.

Go smart and save

Automated systems in your home can save you time and money, give you peace of mind and learn your habits and preferences to create an in-house experience tailored to you and your family’s lifestyle. Smart thermostats learn your preferred temperatures throughout the day and will adjust automatically over time to your schedule. Smart blinds can be programmed to let in natural light and heat automatically. Forget to lock your doors? Do it with your smartphone. You can also use your phone to access your home security cameras so you can watch your house when you’re not home (and your kids are). This is just the tip of the iceberg, with more and more smart gadgets for the home coming on the market all the time.

The house of the future is here today – and a custom build allows you to accommodate and incorporate all of this tech easily. Talk to us about your wants and needs when starting your build and we’ll work with you to make sure you check off everything on your list.