2-Storey or to Bungalow…

…that is the question!

What do we offer you and your family to get started building your dream home!?

When you build with Century West Homes, you are building quality for life! We pride ourselves on a well built home, specific to your needs. We work with our sister company, Walker Projects Inc. to engineer your home from the bottom up and work tirelessly with our amazing trades to build a fully customized, quality home.

Century West - 2124 Green Willow Terrace-3

Signature Series Bungalows and 2-Storeys

If you know what you want but you don’t know where to start, we can help! Our Signature Series plans, complete with bungalows and 2-Storeys, give you a starting point in designing your home. You are able to customize these plans to accommodate your budget and the needs and desires of your family.


* We have built most of these plans so they have the potential of quicker build periods and we have ensured these plans are practical for most family sizes!


Century West - 3529 GreenBrook-3793

Custom Homes

Designing a home is an art and we have an amazing team working to create a masterpiece for you! We work within your budget to build a customized plan, room to room, allowing for changes and adaptions to almost any plan.


* You get what you want and can have the piece of mind that no one else out there has YOUR home!


Century West - 4227 Wakling Street-4387

Discover Series Homes

Living in a Century West Homes can seem like luxury to some but we offer a more affordable home, built to the same standards, in our Discover Series in Harbour Landing. These homes are pre-designed floorplans with the options for rental suites in the basements for an affordable starter home price. The same designers and trades work on these houses and you still get to choose the finishes!


* You do not have to be house poor to live in a newly built home! If choosing finishes stresses you out, we have pre-selected color schemes for you!



Visit our website today for more information and pictures to prove the amazing work Century West Homes does!